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What is a free bet ? Are Free Bets really worth ? 5 years ago

Free Bets Information

What is a free bet ?

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Free bets are benefits that every punter is looking for to maximize their profits ! Who doesn't really like free money ? While many of the deals come with specific policies , some are no deposit free bets , meaning that you simply need to click , sign-up and after that claim your free bet .

Despite having conditions (which are usually easily met) free bets offer you an extraordinary chance to add in more money to your personal account and boost the profits . Some of the free bets are exclusive , which means you are able to get them only if you sign up by using the links below and not directly from the sportsbook websites .

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Germany v Australia: Euro 2016 Preview 5 years ago

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Australia are in action as Asian champions for the first time as they head to Kaiserslautern to take on World Cup winners Germany on Wednesday.

Ange Postecoglou's Socceroos were triumphant on home soil in the Asian Cup, beating South Korea 2-1 after extra-time in the final in Sydney on January 31.

But a trip to the Fritz-Walter-Stadion could yet to prove to be a much tougher test.

Ranked the top nation in the world by FIFA, Germany's form since their title-winning run in Brazil last year has been inconsistent.

Joachim Low's men meet Georgia in a Euro 2016 qualifier four days after facing Australia, and they need a win in Group D – which they sit second in behind Poland.

It remains to see how good a team Low picks for the friendly, but he has selected a strong 23-man squad.

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Tennis Betting Guide - Ideal For Beginners 6 years ago

If you are new to betting then one of the best sports to start with is tennis. It may not be as popular as some other sports but it is certainly one of the best sports to bet on if you are new to gambling!

Tennis Betting The main reason why tennis is easier to bet on than other sports is because the outcomes of a match go one of two ways. With other sports there are so many different possibilities as to what the results will be. Football and horse racing for example are two of the most popular betting sports. However, there are so many things that can affect the outcome of both sports and that makes it fairly risky to bet on either one of them. So if you are a beginner to betting then tennis is definitely for you!

Why Tennis is Easy to Bet on

A tennis match consists of various sets within a match. You have the option to bet on sets or on the overall match outcome. Being a beginner it would be a better option to begin betting on a match basis. Deciding which player will win the overall match is fairly simple and it can be easy to predict too. best betting tips

All you have to do is look at each individual player and research more about them. How good are they? How long have they been playing? Is the person they are playing at a similar level to them or have they a lot more experience? Different factors will affect the match but generally you can often have a strong idea of which player is better and which is more likely to win. That is why tennis betting is known as low risk betting.

Sports Betting as a Form of Investment What Is Investment? 6 years ago

One of the tenets of capitalist economics is the principle of investment, the idea of committing capital to make a profit. Traditional sources of investment have included banks and building societies, stock markets and property. Profits from these types of investment may come in two forms, to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the nature of the investment. These are capital growth and income. Capital growth occurs when the investment increases in value. One typical measure of capital growth is the price of a share on a stock market. An investor may buy some shares at £5 each. After a year, if they are worth £10, the investor has doubled his capital. In contrast, if the price falls to £2.50, the value of the capital has halved. Another measure is the price of a house, which, like shares on a stock market, can go up and down. How the value of an investment will change over time will depend upon a whole host of influencing factors that operate within any particular investment market. Naturally, any investor wants to avoid markets that are falling, and concentrate on investments that will return profits. Clearly, not every investment will be a successful one. A successful investor is one who can identify more winners than losers through an assessment of profitability and analysis of risk. Certain capital investments also return what is termed an income. A let property, for example, returns an income through rental receipts. The size of the income is normally quoted as a percentage of the initial capital investment. If a landlord buys a house for £50,000 and generates £5,000 each year from rents, the income yield is said to be 10%. Many shares on a stock market pay an income in the form of a dividend. Again, the size of dividend may be quoted as a percentage of the value of each share. Perhaps the most common investment income is that achieved through a bank or building society savings account, the size of which will be determined by the interest rate. A savings account holder, of course, may choose to reinvest any income earned by the capital by leaving it where it is. Such income compounded over time will allow the initial capital to grow. One might ask at this point, what has all this got to do with sports betting? After all, isn't sports betting just a form of gambling, and what has gambling got to do with investing? The answer to these questions will

depend to a large extent on the aims and interests of the sports bettor. Whether he considers his sports betting to be gambling or investing will be governed by his approach to sports prediction and money management, the level of professionalism attributed to both, and even by his view of what it actually means to gamble or invest. What Is Sports Betting? To have a bet is to make an agreement between two parties that the one proved wrong about an undetermined outcome of a specified event will forfeit a stipulated payment, most often a sum of money, to the other. Sports betting, then, is concerned with bets or wagers agreed where the specified event central to the betting terms involves a sport, for example a football game, a tennis match, a golf tournament or an athletics race. Horse racing is perhaps the oldest and most popular form of gambling, with more money changing hands in this betting market than in any other. Increasingly, however, and particularly since the advent of Internet gambling, sports including rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, snooker, cycling, swimming, athletics, skiing, motor racing and, most popular of all, football, are gaining more attention as a medium for betting. Sport is about settling arguments: arguments about who is the fastest, strongest, most accurate and so on. Betting is about settling arguments too, and that is why sport lends itself so easily to betting. Wherever the element of competition is present in sport, a speculation can be made on the outcome of a particular event. Furthermore, sport has become increasingly popular as entertainment in recent years, with viewers becoming progressively more knowledgeable about the teams and players they are watching. Being able to speculate on a sporting event, and confirm one’s convictions about the likely outcome with a financial reward, is a natural attraction that adds to the viewing excitement. Sports Betting: Gambling or Investing? Gambling and investing have one primary aim in common: to make a profit. Furthermore, both gamblers and investors speculate on the chances of making a profit, by taking a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage. Perhaps the most obvious apparent difference between gambling and

investing concerns the level of exposure to risk as a result of any speculation to gain an advantage. For most fixed odds bets,1 the risk is infinite: that is, if the bettor is wrong, he loses his entire stake. By contrast, the investor is very unlikely to lose all his money, and may choose to withdraw any remaining capital invested if its value falls. The bettor, however, usually knows in advance what he will win if his speculation proves correct.2 Frequently, since the risk is so much higher than for standard investments, the rewards will be higher too. The investor can only guess at what profit he may hope to secure, and unless he is extremely lucky, an equivalent profit (as a percentage of the initial stake or capital invested) will take much longer to secure. Another obvious difference between gambling and investing concerns the period of speculation in terms of time. Whereas traditional forms of investment discussed earlier are generally made over weeks, months or years,3 the resolution of a bet on the outcome of a game usually involves no more than a few hours or days at most.4 Generally then, gambling might be considered to be high-risk, short-term speculation, whereas traditional forms of investing are lower risk and longer term. On the face of this assessment, it might seem rather imprudent to risk money through sports betting, as the risk of losing your capital is just too high to justify placing the bet in the first instance, no matter what profit is available to the speculator. Bettors, or punters, of course, rarely place only one bet, and the size of any one stake will invariably be much smaller than the total capital a punter has made available for his betting. Instead, by having many smaller wagers, a punter can effectively spread his exposure to risk, because it is very unlikely that all the bets will lose. The similarity between such risk-managed gambling and a traditional investment strategy may becomemore apparent by means of the following example. Consider first a stock market investor who buys units in a FTSE100 tracker fund. Buying 100 units at £10 each, the investor watches as the prices fluctuates over the next 200 days, rising to £12 by the end of this period. A profit of £200 or 20% on the initial capital invested has been made. At the same time, a gambler bets 1% of his £1,000 betting fund, or 1 Certain handicap bets allow for ties where stakes are returned without loss or profit. 2 The potential profit is exactly calculable for fixed odds betting, but not for spread bets until the result of the event is known. Spread betting shares parallels with financial market trading. 3 In recent years the phenomenon of day trading on stock markets has increased in popularity. 4 Ante post betting involves betting on an event weeks, months or even years in advance.

£10 every day that the value of the FTSE100 tracker fund will rise. If he is correct, he wins £10. If he is incorrect, he loses his £10 wagered. During the gambling period, the value of the fund rises on 110 days, when a £10 profit is made, and falls on 90 days, when £10 is lost. Overall, the gambler has made £200 profit, the same as the investor, because there were 20 more days when the value of the fund rose than when it fell, despite losing all money staked on the losing days. Notice however, that although the profit is 20% on the initial betting fund, the percentage profit over turnover is only 10%, because the gambler wagered a total of £2,000, compared to the £1,000 invested in one lump sum by the investor. What are the chances of either the investor or the gambler losing all their capital through this speculation? The investor will lose all his capital if the value of the fund falls to nothing. Such an event is of course highly unlikely, and consequently such an investment fund would be considered a very safe or low-risk form of investment. By contrast, the gambler risking 1% of his betting fund with each wager will lose everything if there are 100 more days on which the value of the fund falls than when it rises. Clearly, during a 200-day gambling period, the probability of such an occurrence is low, but not negligible. Suppose that on 50 days the value of the fund rises by £20 and on 150 days it falls by £5. After 200 days, the investor would see his capital increase by 25% to £1,250, but the gambler would have lost everything. Conversely, suppose that on 150 days the fund rises by £5 but on 50 days falls by £35. This time the investor loses everything, whereas the gambler is up £1000, or 100% on the initial betting fund. Clearly, the relative profitability and risk associated with traditional capital investment and fixed odds gambling is not as straightforward as that presented in this oversimplified comparison. Furthermore, real-life investment and gambling markets are rarely found to overlap, with the exception perhaps of financial and sports spread betting, making a comparative assessment even more problematic. Finally, a lot of sports betting, particularly fixed odds betting, has the added disadvantage that a third party, the bookmaker, is taking a sizeable percentage of any profits, thereby making it an inherently riskier form of money-making. Nevertheless, it is by adopting a professional approach to forecasting and, more importantly, money management, that a successful punter can turn apparently higher-risk gambling into a lower-risk investment strategy. This book aims to reveal some of the techniques and tools available to the punter to invest in the world of fixed odds sports betting.

Learning From Online Betting 6 years ago

 It has been a surprise to everyone that even though the IT sector was hit severely by the recent economic downturn, the gaming sector was what provided a cushion to the industry and absorbed the shocks, enabling IT sector to once again grow. Online gambling is still doing well, even as major economies around the world are trying hard to recover from the shock of the downturn. The interesting feature is that the online casinos, which had huge player base, did not manage to lose much during the recession. Sure, there were some effects on the industry, but the recession was viewed only as a speed breaker, which temporarily slowed down the high speed at which the industry was growing.

The biggest lesson that IT can take from the online model is that these gambling sites are based on a subscription model, which means that there is no one time sales revenue. If the games are popular enough and the services of the online casino please the players, making their stay comfortable, they have loyal customers who will come back again and again. If the casino becomes a big hit, the tournaments will see higher valued pots and bigger jackpots. This gives both the players and the online casinos something to look forward to.

The online casinos are also doing another thing right. Apart from the serious professional gaming options, there are also the casual games that have a lower entry barrier and can be played by anyone who has a free account. This helps in improving the revenues because the players understand that the casinos mean serious business and that paid services will be even better than the free ones. Another place where the online casinos have nailed it on the head is where the industry gives the players whatever they want. If it is sports betting that the players enjoy, it is sports betting that they will get. If there are jackpot slots that the players want to play, the casino gives them slots.

There is a lot that the Information Technology sector can learn from online casinos. The business model is something that can be emulated.

Tips From To Make Money From SPL Betting 6 years ago

The new Scottish Premier League season is already underway and there have already been some big shocks. Sports betting community site has provided some advice about how to make the most from betting on the SPL:

The new Scottish Premier League season is already underway and there have already been some big shocks. Sports betting community site has provided some advice about how to make the most from betting on the SPL:

  1. Look Beyond The Outright SPL Betting

There hasn't been a non-Old Firm Scottish Premier League winner since 1985 and Hearts' runners up finish in 2006 was the first time Rangers and Celtic hadn't filled the top two spots in over 10 years. There isn't much value in backing either Rangers or Celtic to win the SPL at the start of each season so for better ante post bets look at markets such as 'Without Rangers and Celtic', the Top Scorer, to Finish Bottom or Next Manager to leave their post.

  1. Follow Rangers And Celtic In SPL Top Scorer Market

One of the markets mentioned above that might offer better value than betting in the SPL outright is the SPL Top Scorer. Despite odds being offered on around 100 players in this market, there are usually only about four players with any chance as, in 20 out of the last 21 seasons, the Top Scorer in the SPL has been a striker playing for either Rangers or Celtic.

  1. Avoid Backing The Old Firm Every Week

The Old Firm win most of their games but they generally offer very poor value and backing either Rangers or Celtic regularly is likely to lead to a loss. Last season, Rangers failed to win 8 league games whilst Celtic failed to win 9 league games which is a lot considering their odds to win most matches. Hearts picked up a win over both Rangers and Celtic, Dundee beat Rangers and drew with Celtic whilst perhaps the main side to avoid backing the Old Firm against is Inverness, who avoided defeat on two occasions against both Rangers and Celtic.

  1. Rangers v Celtic Best Bets

Since the beginning of 2010, Rangers and Celtic have met each other on 9 occasions and Celtic have held the edge with 5 wins with Rangers only winning just 2 of those encounters. When Celtic played at home they won 3 of the 5 games, with the other 2 resulting in a draw and a loss. Rangers won just 1 of their 4 Old Firm games at home; there were 2 draws and 1 loss. This would suggest that the best bet in the Old Firm games at Ibrox is the draw whilst Celtic are most likely to win the Old Firm matches at Celtic Park.

  1. Follow Dundee United At Home

If looking for a bit of value every other week, you could do worse than backing Dundee United in most of their home games. Last season Dundee had by far the best home record outside of the top two, picking up 13 wins from 19 games (one win less than Rangers).

  1. Choose The Right Bets In The Cup

Most punters back Rangers and Celtic in the domestic cups but there could be better value elsewhere depending on what cup you are betting on. In 4 of the last 6 Scottish FA Cups, either Rangers or Celtic have won but the last all Old Firm Scottish FA Cup Final was 10 years ago. Backing other teams each way could provide bigger rewards, especially with a fair chance of them winning. The Scottish League Cup seems to favour the Old Firm a bit more, Hibs are the only side to break their dominance in this competition in six years and in that time there has been 2 all Old Firm finals.

  1. Win Money Without Any Risk

You can make money from your SPL tips without actually risking any money. The free to enter Tipster Competition offers thousands of pounds each month in prize money to the best tipsters on the site. You can view the record of each tipster and what their current tips are so there is also the option of just following the best tipsters on the site if you want to try to make money from other people's hard work!

World Cup Game of the Day: Brazil vs. Netherlands 6 years ago

Brazil vs. Netherlands (+120, +230, Draw +280)

Brazil and the Netherlands both reached Saturday's World Cup third-place game in heart-wrenching fashion. The host Brazilians were throttled 7-1 by Germany in their final four game on Tuesday afternoon, leaving their millions of fans - not to mention the soccer world - dumbfounded and disappointed. The Dutch suffered a very different defeat, dominating play against Argentina but ultimately dropping the semifinal showdown 4-2 on penalties.

With neither team all that interested in playing for third, it will be interesting to see how both clubs approach the match. Both teams are expected to make changes to their starting lineups, favoring younger players or those who have seen limited action so far in the World Cup over established stars who may be tired or disinterested in the match. The Dutch, in particular, may struggle to regroup as they remain without a World Cup championship to their credit.

TV: 4 p.m. ET, ESPN

WORLD RANKINGS: Brazil: No. 3; Netherlands: No. 15.

INJURY REPORT: Brazil: F Neymar is sidelined for the match with broken vertebrae. Netherlands: None.

WHAT THE SHARPS SAY: "Brazil will still be licking their wounds after the mauling by Germany, I can see this game meaning more to Brazilians, Louis Van Gaal (Dutch coach) has already made it clear that the 3rd place play-off game is pointless." - Covers Experts' Footy Tipster

WHAT THE BOOKS SAY: "Money makes our markets move, so we'll continue to watch what comes in, but motivation certainly plays a role. Lineups will be of critical importance to the Brazil-Netherlands outcome, and with the two teams expressing vastly different attitudes towards the match, it wouldn't be surprising to see those attitudes reflected in lineup composition. We're accounting for that possibility in our market management, and bettors should certainly be doing the same when deciding which nation to back." - Pinnacle Sports.

WAG WAR: Bruna Marquezine, girlfriend of Brazil F Neymar, vs. Bouchra van Persie, wife of Netherlands F Robin van Persie.

ABOUT BRAZIL: Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari will come under fire the moment the tournament ends after overseeing his nation's worst defeat in 84 years - but he remains focused on salvaging some national pride aturday. "I know my career will be marked by this defeat but we have an obligation to move on, thinking about the next goal, which in this case is the match for third place in Brasilia," he told reporters. "I know it's a much smaller dream than we all wanted but we have to honor the shirt of the national team."

ABOUT THE NETHERLANDS: Dutch manager Louis Van Gaal has strong feelings about the World Cup's third-place game - and they're not positive ones. "(It) should never be played," he said in the moments following the semifinal loss to Argentina. "... the worst thing is i believe that chances are that you lose twice in a row. And a tournament in which you've played so marvelously well, you would go home as a loser just because you could possibly have lost the last two matches and this has got nothing to do with sport in my view."


  • Brazil holds a 4-3 edge in the head-to-head series, with the teams drawing five times.
  • The Netherlands defeated Brazil 2-1 in their last World Cup meeting four years ago in South Africa.
  • An average of 4.2 goals have been scored in the last nine third-place games.
  • Neither team has appeared in the third-place match since 1998, when the Dutch dropped a 2-1 decision to Croatia.

How to Win your Sports Betting 6 years ago

How’s your season going? Making the big bucks? Or do you need some sound sports betting advice so you can finally start seeing profits and stop making the bookies rich. If it’s the latter, read on…

1 Know your math. The line-makers do, and they make profits every season. You aren’t going to come out ahead laying -110 for 100 on a coin flip, and most sporting events are just that. In places where they don't represent likelihoods in terms of odds (eg 5 to 1, meaning you can win $5 for every dollar you put in), they will just do it in terms of money multipliers. It essentially means the same thing. If you don't know how to find the edge, use proven and reliable sports handicappers such as sports betting tips and news 2 Know your sport. This is MUCH less important than step number 1, but it helps. The thing to concentrate on is the "X-factor" of a sport; that is, what degree of random craziness is likely to affect the outcome of any given game.

3 Handicap the situation, not the game. This is what separates winners from losers. The public is out there betting on the best-looking teams and who should beat who based on past wins and losses – and they are losers. Look for undervalued teams based on the situation. For example, a good team playing their homecoming game against a hated rival who is a favorite over them on the road. In this spot you want the home team underdog because you know they are coming to play.

4 Bet within your bankroll. This is what kills most players. Always bet the same percentage of your set playing bankroll on every game (somewhere between 2% and 6%) no matter how much you think you like the bet. Patience and discipline is very important if you want to succeed in sports betting. If you want to treat sports betting as an investment and win long term, it is highly recommended that you read the articles on money management and patience.

Tips Remember that injuries and weather conditions have already been factored into the line and the odds. Don’t pay attention to that stuff; stick with handicapping the situation. Yet, if you are betting on a minor sport in your country (eg. You are in USA betting on Australian Rules Football), the impact of a major trade may be very important to both team, but since Americans may not know the full situations, the lines can be stuffed up. There are contrasting theories about betting on multiple events. If you are going by the expected winnings approach (i.e. you want to win $100), you can either put the bare minimum ($5 in New Zealand TAB), then stack the 8-lines with 8 different head-to-heads so the odds would be $20.00. You lose less money, but since you have to worry about 8 events, if one event is not as you guessed (or if you have an event being cancelled), you lose the $5. You can also use multiple single slips and adding money. You can never win more money than if all was pushed in a multi-slip, but it safeguards you if one line is screwed, you can still win money on the ones you hit. On the other end, you can push more money in if you have enough money to push (like $20), then you can just stack less lines that add up to an odds of $5 to get $100. You will lose more money if one event doesn't come your way, but if you are betting events happening throughout the weekend (eg. NFL with NBA), this is a safer call. If you don't have the time to do all the home work, use a sports handicapping service. But be very careful because 99% of the services lose money. If you see any service touting game of the year, game of the month, game of the day or unreal winning percentage, they are usually losing service, in fact they more of marketers than sports handicappers. Stick to proven services with long track record like Betting Resource that treats sports betting as a long term investment rather than gambling. If the lines are just pushed out, the odds of $1.87 do exist. Take advantage of them if you know the potential of how the balance will tip (I.e. You know what will become more likely to occur) later in the day. Take that line. The public loves favorites and they are losers. Therefore, bet mostly underdogs. In New Zealand, due to time zone differences, it is possible to do a rolling bet if you are somewhat cash-strapped. The way it works is that if there is an NBA playoff game that closes at 12:35pm (NZT), and you know that the result will come at around 4pm,do a points-total bet, then if you win that, take some of the winnings home, then continue with the later games like a Rugby League match that happens at night. This kind of betting would work even better for weekend bets.

Warnings Never be too confident if you can string together a winning streak (in terms of money). Massive upsets always happen. Addictive gambling is a serious problem! If you have this problem you need to stop all forms of gambling. Only bet on sports if it is legal where you live and never use an illegal bookie. Watching the games you have made a call on can be very stressful, especially when a game is long, or when you are wanting comeback wins or comeback losses. Try not to do a multi on uncertain events. By that I mean games that are affected by weather (eg. tennis, cricket). If the match is abandoned or postponed, you can get a full refund when a single slip is done, but not if you have lost a line, got everything else. You may get money for the lines you have won thus far if all the rest are good calls, and refund the line that is abandoned, but check carefully. One great example is Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. That match was postponed due to Hurricane Ike, and postponed to November. Beware of long streaks. The odds for the winning team will continue to drop towards $1, but the day when the streak snaps, it could spell trouble. For example: When Houston was winning 22 games in a row and going for 23, the odds are tipping towards $1.00 on head-to head. But then when the streak was snapped... That is when the combined scores, head-starts and even really obscure side-bets like "Who will score the most points" could be a possible option.

Messi: We must make most of luck 6 years ago

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Argentina captain Lionel Messi urged his side to capitalise on their lucky break at the FIFA World Cup.

Messi set up Angel di Maria's 118th-minute winner as Argentina edged past Switzerland 1-0 in their round-of-16 clash at the Arena de Sao Paulo.

Blerim Dzemaili almost forced penalties after Di Maria's goal, hitting the post with a header and poking the rebound wide. World cup 2014

Messi said his team were desperate to avoid a shootout and wants them to capitalise on their slice of luck as they prepare to face Belgium in the quarter-finals. Read more best betting tips